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Who wouldn't want a little extra spending money to buy a coffee or get your hair done without feeling guilt?

This was my situation in late 2011 when I was a stay at home mom to my two kids. I felt a little guilty that I needed a caffeine fix when I wasn't bringing any income in, let alone getting my hair done!

At this point in my life, I was introduced to Scentsy. Having never heard of it, but knowing I liked fragrance, especially candles, I attended my first home party and haven't looked back!

I started my Scentsy business shortly after that party and my husband has since joined the team after seeing the light!

We have met new friends and made some extra money all from this "little candle company"!

We would love to help you start your business today too!!

Thank you for reading,

Lori & Joaquin Ceballos

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